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Affiliate Program

Software Affiliate Program

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The Payouts and Profits
Our affiliate program is a wonderful opportunity for you to earn money by promoting our award-winning products. If you own or manage a website, you can participate in our affiliate program. We welcome anyone, from people maintaining a small personal home page to magazines, portals, or ISPs. 
Participation in our affiliate program is simple and easy. Affiliates have two options for promoting our products. Either you can link straight to the order form (best for online stores), or you can link to our home page using a special link that will be provided. In either case, through the tracking system, even if the customer doesn't order just then, the affiliate will *still* receive credit for the order say 2 months down the road. Because we've tracked where the customer first heard about our products, we can give credit to that affiliate no matter when or where the customer finally decides to buy. There is no cost to you, and you can cancel your participation at any time. 

Anyone with a website can become a large affiliate.

When you sign up with our affiliate program you get a 35% commission right from the start. Your commission rate will get even higher as you sales improves. Your commission will be sent to you on monthly basis by check or wire transfer.



Proven Sales Results
 1 Sale/Day Commission= $825/Month ( Small Affiliates )
 5 Sales/Day Commission= $4134/Month ( Medium Affiliates )
 10+ Sales/Day Commission= $8268+/Month  ( Large Affiliates )

Follow These Easy Steps to Become an Affiliate:


Sign up to become an affiliate

Sign up for an affiliate account at . Once you have signed up, you will receive an affiliate ID.

You can now log in to your affiliate account and select the products you would like to sell. Product IDs for Asmw Soft Systems can be found below.



Add an affiliate link to your site

There are two different ways to link to our products.

1. Link to the Product Order Form
This method sends the customers directly to the product order form. This is the recommended method if you want to provide your visitors with detailed information about Asmw PC-optimizer, Asmw Eraser Pro, and Asmw Tweak before sending them to the order page. While it requires some more work this is also the most profitable method. A customer's visit it always recorded, so that even if he decides to order later, you will still receive credit for the sale. To use this method add the link below to your site: ID&affiliate=XXXX

- replace "XXXX" with your affiliate ID#.
- replace "Product ID" with the appropriate number from the table below.

Product Pad File Product ID Commission
Asmw PC-Optimizer pro Pad File 7731-3 35%
Asmw Tweak Pad File 7731-2 60%
Asmw Eraser Pro Pad File 7731-4 60%
Popup burner Pad File 7731-5 60%

2. Link to Asmw Soft Systems Homepage
This method sends the customer directly to our homepage. A customer's visit is always recorded, so that even if he decides to order later, you will still receive credit for the sale. To use this method add the link below to your site:

- replace "XXXX" with your affiliate ID#.



Create sales material that converts

The biggest challenge is probably to create a sales material and write a sales copy on your site that sells. Fortunately we have a lot of experience with selling our products from different kinds of sites and there is no need for you to invent the wheel again. Our affiliate managers work to help our affiliates create material that works with YOUR site ( newsletters, popups, custom trial versions, discount coupons and special offers... ). Please contact us and we will help you create the material and give you some ideas on how to make your site as profitable as possible. To get started quickly you can also use our standard marketing material below.

Asmw Soft Systems Sales Material





Congratulations to your decision to join the Asmw Soft Systems affiliate program! If you have any questions concerning our affiliate program or need any help promoting our products for maximum conversion rate please contact us, we are always happy to hear from our affiliates.


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Software Affiliate Program

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