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System Information Tool

System Information tool is a utility which lets you view all the details of your system. In an easy to use and user friendly interface, it provides you with complete information about your system.
System Information tool helps you to know about your system more so that you work more efficiently.
This module provides you with the general information about hardware and software that are on your system.
It provides you information about the computer type, BIOS, hardware used, adapter, IE version and lot more.
You can click on the information link to view detailed information.

Under System Information tool Windows module you will get General Windows Information and local Settings.
Under General Windows Information you will get the details about your Windows version, default browser, Windows Id and number of software installed. Click on the links given to see a detailed view.
Under Local Settings you will get information about the locale settings like Language and Country, Time zone.
In Display you will be able to view all the information about your computer's display settings. Under display section you will be shown Monitor settings, Resolution settings, Adapter information and DirectX version. You can click any of the particular information to view details.
System Devices:
Under System Devices you will get important information about your Processor.
You will get information about your processor manufacturer, processor name, code name, frequency, cache, and CPU stepping.
This module displays all the applications and services running on your system. It show memory used of each of these applications and services. It provides a graphical representation of the free, used and selected memory.
It also displayed Total Physical Memory and Total Windows Memory.
This Section shows the current status of your system. It has been divided into three sub Sections namely Kernel, Physical Memory and Paging File.
Kernel shows the number of Threads and Processes running. It also displays the name of the maximum resource consuming process.
The details about the Physical Memory are displayed under Physical Memory section. It displays total physical memory and used physical memory along with other more details.
Paging file sub section displays maximum paging file size along with used and available page file size.
Graphical representation of all the Processes, Physical memory and Page file usage history will also be displayed.
In this section you will get all the information about drives on your system. You will need to select a drive from the list of drives and information like total disk space, total space used, total free space, information about the sectors and cluster, logical information like disk serial number and file compression.
A graphical representation will show the disk space status.

System Information Tool

Asmwsoft PC Optimizer

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